A few moves, a mixer or a blender and natural fruit and oil seeds we discover all the shapes, textures and flavors of dried fruit.

Natural supplements, every type of fruit and oily seed has specific nutritional characteristics, but all are an excellent source of vegetable proteins, good fats, vitamins, mineral salts, fibers and much more … a true concentration of health only if we consume them at natural, they are delicate foods that should be chosen carefully treated and preserved:

    • it is better to prefer organic products still in the shell (as regards nuts) that they have not undergone treatments, ie they must not be roasted, roasted or salted
    • cooking especially at high temperatures oxidizes their fatty acids
    • n raw recipes the presence of other, unhealthy ingredients, such as sugar reduces or changes some of their nutritional properties.
    • exposure to light can cause the lipid part to become rancid.

NUTS: ◇ cashews ◇ peanuts (they actually belong to the legume family) ◇ almonds ◇ bitter almonds ◇ walnuts ◇ Brazil nuts ◇ macadamia nuts ◇ pecans ◇ hazelnuts ◇ pine nuts ◇ pistachios ◇
OIL SEEDS:  ◇ hemp ◇ sunflower ◇ poppy ◇ sesame ◇ pumpkin ◇


Eclectic with sweet and savory are transformed into mini delicacies:

Milk and cream very fresh vegetables with a full-bodied texture.

You can choose between the more neutral flavors of almonds, cashews and hemp or the more characteristic ones of hazelnut or peanut.

But above all you will have certainty about quality, sometimes not so safe in packaged products.

A creamy and velvety base for milk shakes, sakes and smoothie, to which we can add fruit, vegetables, superfood.

They are delicious, nutritious, moisturizing, quick to prepare.

The fiber content of all the ingredients remains unchanged and the sugars present are not absorbed and metabolized too quickly.

A butter with a thousand facets to be enjoyed in purity, aromatize, use:
◇  to whisk a “risotto”
◇  to season pasta, cereals and polenta
◇  spread on canapés, bruschetta
◇  to enrich mousse
◇  to complete the filling of tarts.

Flours f nuts and very fresh oily seeds, which we will not only use to replace wheat flour in gluten-free products, but also for:
◇  create gluten-free flour mix well
◇  soften the herbaceous taste of some
pseudocereal flours, such as quinoa
◇  mprove the structure of the dough
◇  enrich each recipe with flavor.

Vinaigrettecitronette, dressing full-bodied that bind and enhance every ingredient of simple or compound salads. Or they can create a game of textures and colors adding the crunchy part that balances our recipes, because once the aromas are combined, our experience with food must be completed with touch, hearing and sight.

Velvets and soups lives … of intact vegetables (not overcooked) because only blend and, if we wish, “warm” with the addition of warm or warm water.

Quick and easy to prepare even at the last minute can be an appetizer, a main dish, an accompaniment.

As a main dish can also be completed with cooked ingredients such as cereals, fish, meat, sautéed vegetables … perhaps giving new life to small kitchen leftovers.

Sauce e creams more or less fluid to accompany and enhance any food.

Patè with fresh herbs and vegetables or spices to spread or shape.

Mousse a French word that means foam or foam and indicates extremely soft and foamy food preparations to be used as a spoon dessert or as a cream for raw food cakes.

Bases and shells which replace brisee and shortbread for tart tarts or raw cheesecake.

Delicious ice creams free of eggs and dairy products to personalize as you like.

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