“Butters veg” in the plural is not a mistake …. the creativity and the desire to cook and eat with joy never ends.

Chef Simone Salvini and other food lovers have created and produced “vegan butters” really good and healthy that it pays to know and enjoy. I have tried them all, I have some custom and not wait to share them.

Recipes are “anti waste” that let you use the cooking water from the beans and help to have a varied diet by encouraging the consumption of very important ingredients for our health such as nuts and oil seeds.

Butter with coconut and aquafaba

This butter is perfect for pie dough or mounted dough with butter (pound cake). When using this butter to replace the traditional butter the proportion changes 100 g of traditional butter correspond to 75 g of coconut and aquafaba butter.


  • 70 g of coconut oil
  • 45 ml aquafaba
  • 20 g sunflower oil
  • 3 ml of apple cider vinegar

How to prepare the butter

Melt the coconut oil by removing the pot from the heat when it is not yet completely melted, the heat will finish the operation.

Add coconut oil to sunflower seeds and wait until it is at room temperature.

In a tall, narrow container and pour the aquafaba apple vinegar with an immersion blender begin to blend and enter the two oils gradually “flush.”

burro-di-cocco-e-aquafaba-2If the weather is very hot or you want to speed up the process immerse in the ice container where you’re mixing the ingredients.

Within minutes the mixture becomes foamy and then creamy

Pour this foam in a container and put it to rest in the fridge, as that coconut oil is rassoderà become solid as the traditional butter.

You can store it in the refrigerator or freezer.

Butter of nuts or seed and aquafaba

Butter a multi-faceted, so it can be enjoyed just made or flavored with ingredients of any kind to prepare the compound butters, stir risotto, season pasta, cereals and polenta, be spread on sandwiches, bruschetta, enriching mousses, complete the filling of pies and tarts.


  • 50 g nuts or seeds (fun to mix them with each other, creating ever new mix)
  • 45 ml aquafaba (can be replaced by vegetable milk or water)
  • 5 ml oil

How to prepare butter

Chop with a mixer using the function Pulse the nuts and oilseeds.

Combine the chopped liquid ingredients gradually.

You will get in a few minutes a creamy and slightly fitted.

You can store it in the refrigerator or freezer.

Butter rice and cream fruit nuts or seeds

It replaces the butter in creaming and can be prepared at the last minute.


  • 80 g already cooked rice
  • 20 g of cream fruit nuts or seeds

How to prepare butter

When preparing the risotto and stir not want to use the butter can be taken from the pot 80 g of risotto and whip with 20 g of fruit cream nuts or oilseeds.

A creaming creamy and each time different and unique.

These recipes are just a foundation on which to build, have fun.

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