What if your doctor advises us to replace some ingredients of our diet?

Here you will find my way to substitute ingredients, a post permanently work in progress.

None of my recipes provides or suggests eliminating food from your diet, only your doctor can recommend this type of diet therapy.

I respect the love and dedication that Chef and Confectioners have dedicated to their work by transforming it into art and I don’t want to distort any of their recipes.

Mine are proposed for the moments when your doctor advises you to reduce or eliminate the intake of certain foods, pushing you to greater awareness and getting closer to the combination of nutrition and health.

I study the recipes of classic cooking and pastry to find healthy and tasty alternatives to too refined flours, gluten, xanthan, fats, dairy products, eggs, white sugar.

Most of my recipes are gluten-free to make them do not use ready mixes or flours because often these preparations are added with ingredients “not noble” and contain too many starches.

I never use xanthan, I substitute it with whole peel or psyllium seeds, chia seeds, linseed and other natural products, at the same time or alternately.

Good quality butter and oil used sensibly are good fats. But if we have a food sensitivity to dairy products or our nutritionist doctor has advised us to use only raw oil and butter as we do?
In the kitchen we can learn to replace them completely or to reduce them to avoid a massive use that weighs down every recipe.

Avoiding or reducing milk, for those suffering from food inflammation, means avoiding all the milk of animal origin (cow, goat, sheep, skimmed, predigested …) and related products like yogurt, whey, cheese, butter, cream , ice creams. My recipes in this section are prepared using vegetable milks, or they propose two alternatives “without” and “with” dairy products.
Delactosed products are not suitable for those who are hypersensitive to milk proteins, these products do not contain lactose (milk sugar) but milk proteins are still present. Vegetable milks used in rotation, without exclusivity for any type of milk, can substitute dairy products with creativity, guaranteeing the organism that variety of nutrients it needs.

I love eggs, but on some occasions (happy hour, brunch …) I happened to prepare different dishes that included the use of eggs, I think it is right to consider variations for those who do not like or can not consume this ingredient.

I always replace refined sugar with other natural sweeteners, I also reduce the dose that I find very excessive in traditional recipes.

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