Butter and oil of excellent quality used in a meaningful way are good fat.

But if we are intolerant to dairy products or our nutritionist doctor advised us to use only oil and butter raw as you do?

In the kitchen we can learn to replace them completely or to reduce them to avoid a massive use that weighs each recipe.

To choose which product to use to replace in whole or part of the fat contained in a recipe is good to know what role the fat (oil or butter) plays:

    • diffuses the flavors in the products making clear to our taste buds every aroma of the ingredients present in the recipe
    • blocks the formation of gluten which is not required as in shortbread
    • area of the cake dough prepared with the method “heavily edited” like plum.


If we have to totally avoid fats can dress the raw or cooked vegetables and sauces to create with other products:

⇒ Fruit butter, nuts or seeds and aquafaba used in simple or flavored as you like is perfect for preparing compounds of butter, stir in a risotto, season pasta, cereals and polenta, be spread on sandwiches, bruschetta, enriching mousses , complete the filling for pies and tarts, especially at the end of cooking or raw. The fruit and oleoginosis seeds oxidize with heat losing their good properties.

⇒The smoothies beans with part of their cooking water (white beans are the most neutral in taste) may change the oil or dairy products in condiments and sauces. Use the same amount requested for oil.

⇒ The tofu smoothie flavored to taste and mixed with vegetables or even raw pureed fruit can become a smooth sauce.

⇒ A tablespoon of chia seeds added to 250 ml of fruit or vegetables after a rest period of 1 hour at room temperature can turn into a sauce or condiment.

Thick water” it is a way to create a sauce or a seasoning devoid of fat.


In baked goods is of particular importance on the final result and order the technique with which the ingredients are placed in the dough.

The various types of mixtures are distinguished by the processing technique and it is this that we must know and respect for a certain type of product even if we reduce or replace an ingredient.


This mixing technique is used to achieve plum cakes, brownies, muffin and quick brea. The sugar is mounted with butter which incorporates air volume increases until it becomes a soft and light cream, it is clear that in cakes as these can reduce the fat substitute but not completely eliminate.


Pie and tart two paste friable od fundamental importance to make tarts, pies in pastry and cookies. The flour and butter are rubbed between the fingertips to form the crumb without heat or melt the butter, then add the liquid ingredients, only cold water to the pie that is used generally for from savory bakery products, eggs and sugar for the pastry, muffin and quick bread which is used for sweet bakery products. The dough is mixed quickly and put it in the fridge before bed.

In muffin and quick bread with scone method powdered ingredients are mixed well, then the cold butter is added. With your fingertips rub each other all the ingredients in forming the crumb of dough, as you do for the crumbly dough without dissolving or heat the butter. At this point you can be added to the remaining liquid ingredients.

The fat used, butter, can also be replaced completely, taste and buttery texture will change but they will be produced by delicious baked.


A soft dough that takes many forms playing with the vents of the pastry bag:

  • tufts (cream puffs), sticks (éclair), donuts (Paris-Brest), cooked in the oven swells creating a flexible casing intended to be stuffed with fillings delicate.
  • in the shape of “S” for the Spanish fried pastries (churros)
  • or squeezed into small pieces in boiling water for the dumplings to the Parisian.

In this type of dough, the fat that is usually butter can only be replaced in the same dose with a product that does not contain dairy products.


These cake or quick breads are made with the same technique “direct mixing”  or “muffin method”, the dry and the wet ingredients are assembled separately in two containers and then mixed together and quickly. Batters super-knead become tough and chewy and irregularly shaped.

In these baked goods, the fat part can be totally replaced without creating large variations in the consistency and taste of the dough.

In my “food sensivity” find all my recipes with dietary peculiarities:

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