Welcome to my collection of recipes online.

I am a huge fan of cooking with problems of “infiammation from food”. I still remember those days after the “judgment” of the doctor: past a moment of bewilderment, I realized that I should live my situation as a “problem” but as a “chance” to look at food from a different point of view. So I started to study, soon making me realize how many refined products are assumed during the day and how little we vary our choice of ingredients.

I use organic and integral ingredients, reinterpret traditional recipes, adapting them to the various types of food requirements, replacing the ingredients that contain gluten, dairy products, eggs and refined sugars with others.

I should point out that I am not a doctor and I do not want it to replace me: my desire is simply to offer to those who are in my situation, or those who want to discover a different approach to food, alternative.

The presentation of the dishes represents me: basic, no frills or fancy dresses. I deliberately chose not to use tableware, tapes or colored fabrics because only the food to be a leader. The only concession is my daughter’s illustrations, a fun way to set my recipes and share our love for food and illustration.

I hope by the time this blog to become a friend with whom to confront and seek advice. A space where the “problem” is actually another way of looking at food, healthier but just as tasty.

This blog is not a news organization and is updated without any periodicity, solely on the basis of availability of material. Therefore, it is not an editorial product subject to discipline in art. 1, paragraph III of the Law no. 62, 7.03.2001. The author hereby not liable for comments made readers. Any comments harmful to the image or repute of third persons or the law, are not attributable to the author of the blog, even if the comment is expressed in an anonymous or encrypted.


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