Vary our nutrition is essential, the habit to the consumption of milk and dairy products since childhood, can cause problems reaction to milk.

Replace cow’s milk with milk from other animal species is not always the solution recommended by our doctor.

The lactose-free milk products are not suitable for those who are hypersensitive to milk proteins, these products do not contain lactose (the milk sugar) but the milk proteins are still present.

The plant milks used in rotation, without exclusivity for any type of milk can replace dairy products with creativity guaranteeing body the variety of nutrients it needs.


Talk of “substitution” is really an understatement, I would speak of “enrichment” of our creativity and of our diet, using vegetable milk, centrifuged and fruit and vegetable juices teas, tea or water.

Today on the market there are many variations of plant milk but it is almost always supplemented by other elements that make it unsuitable for cooking, to enter the milk plant in our recipes we can also prepare it at home with ease and saving, these are the recipes that I prefer:

milk of coconut

milk plant cereal

milk plant legumes

milk plant of nuts or seed fruit

milk of cereal flakes


In the market there is a ready cream plant, I prefer to prepare it at home, these are the recipes that I prefer:

vegetable cream of coconut

vegetable cream soy

glaze cashews can also replace the whipped cream

frothy cream of cashew nuts and almonds which can also replace the whipped cream

fruit cream nuts ready or prepared at home by simply adding water to soften


To replace the butter, the distinction should not be only between animal fat and vegetable fat, but between “good” fats and “bad.”

You must pay close attention to the choice of fats must be non-hydrogenated oils and must be “cold-pressed”

In the cooking of all the days of good quality oil is an excellent alternative for seasoning, to cook and to prepare savory or sweet bakery products (bearing in mind that the proportion changes 100 grams of butter correspond to 75 grams of oil).

There are other products that can be excellent substitutes of butter in the mixtures:

The recipes prepared with these substitutions are not a poor and boring relative of the “traditional food” but for fresh, imaginative, tasty and appetizing.

In my “food sensivity” find all my recipes with dietary peculiarities:

gluten and xanthan free


without eggs

nuts free

soy free


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