I decided to dedicate a post to the gluten-free flours because when you have to or want to avoid or vary the amount of assumed gluten is important to “know how to choose” and “know-how” by not rely blindly on baked goods and packaged mix of flours too often they contain high amounts of starches, refined flour, yeast and hydrogenated fats.

In my kitchen I prefer organic whole grain flours, and for me not to miss anything to use all rolling. When we talk about integral it is wise to choose organic products to avoid chemicals, used in the process of non-organic and conservation, which is deposited on the outside of the grain. Maybe they sometimes mix will “not perfect” but their intake of the body useful substances is much more important.
If you own a mill or a powerful mixer not miss the chance to “self-produce” fresh flour retain all the nutritional and organoleptic properties and make it possible to achieve more moist and elastic dough.

For those who have no time even flour gluten-free ready-made, who was diagnosed with celiac disease are advised to buy only certified products that ensure the total absence of gluten.

Flour on the market are really a lot, ground into different particle sizes and some of them are divided into different types, it is essential to know them to use them in the best way to describe them better I dedicated each to a page, here you find all links:

◇ oatcornmilericesorghumteff


Not all of these flours can replace wheat flour 1: 1, while preparing the dough you need to have the small attentions:

Knowing the density of flour to understand what percentage can replace wheat flour, you will find the table of flour on the page dedicated to the “chart of the density of flours and starches.”
What leavened is not important only the presence but also of the gluten protein. Add protein-rich ingredients such as:

  • flour of legumes in doses ranging from 25% to 50% of the weight of cereal flour choice
  • soy milk or nuts to replace the amount of water completely necessary for the realization of the mixtures
  • egg whites or whole eggs.

Helps leavening dough

Sift flour before you combine them with the other ingredients it helps to incorporate air and make the products lighter oven.

Let rest the dough after adding the liquid ingredients promotes proper hydration of the flour and the moisture of the baked goods.

Replace the “gluten network” that traps air and structure with ingredients and preparations that can perform this task:

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