It’s a cereal that does not contain gluten, a valuable food with high nutritional profile, but in Italy with regard to people with celiac disease is still under study and research. The Scientific Board of AIC, therefore, suggested to only consume products made from or containing oats in the National Register of gluten-free products of the Ministry of Health, which guarantees the suitability of oats used.


Oat flour can be obtained from the cereal grains or flakes.
The flour obtained from cereals has a sweet taste with a dry aftertaste sometimes slightly bitter.
The flour obtained from the flakes does not have the bitter after-taste and lends itself to any type of recipe.


Thicken and enrich soups, velvety
Creates tasty breading.
It’s particularly suitable for crumbly doughs where you want to reduce the amount of butter.

It can completely replace and pure wheat flour in the crumbly dough, pancake, muffin, cakes with mounted dough.

In the preparation of baked goods, especially if leavened or whipped, you must have some extra precautions:

    • sift the flours before adding them to the other ingredients so as to incorporate air and make the lighter products
    • the dough must be softer
    • let the dough rest after adding the liquid ingredients to promote proper hydration of the flours and the humidity of the bakery products.

In leavened dough is better to add boiled potatoes as a percentage equal to 10% by weight of oat flour used ⇔  or ⇔  mixed with a small percentage of starch gluten, perhaps taking a cue from “chart of density flour and starch.”.

Like all gluten-free flours, it needs little help to imitate the gluten network. You can use these ingredients alternately:

    • flour of legumes in a percentage of from 25% to 50% of the weight of the oat flour
    • soy milk that can completely replace the portion of the water used in the dough leavened
    • eggs that help to incorporate air and to tie.
    • other ingredients such as thickeners that replace the role of gluten should always be used in leavened, but there is only xanthan, but also the seeds chia, flax and psyllium used separately or in a mix, here found “how to imitate the function of gluten”.
All the other bakery products always gives delicious crust.

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