Teff is, only and always, a whole grain because it has such a small seed that its peel can not be separated from the germ.
It’s rich in protein, iron, fiber, has antioxidant properties and helps to control the “sense of hunger.”


There are four varieties of teff, but the market there are two types of the white flour that recalls the chestnut with a sweet, dark flavor with aromas similar decided to nuts.


As a thickener is recommended for:

    • sauces and creams
    • velvety and soups.
As flour can replace wheat flour completely:

    • crumbly dough: shortbread, biscuits and brisee
    • soft dough as pancakes.

It is a medium density flour, in soft bakery  or leavened  products it can not replace wheat flour 1: 1, it must be mixed with other lighter flours in order not to make the doughs too thick.

In the preparation of baked goods, especially if leavened or whipped, you must have some extra precautions:

    • sift the flours before adding them to the other ingredients so as to incorporate air and make the lighter products
    • the dough must be softer
    • let the dough rest after adding the liquid ingredients to promote proper hydration of the flours and the humidity of the bakery products.

In leavened dough you have to take extra care to imitate the function of the gluten network, you can use these ingredients alternately:

    • flour of legumes in a percentage of from 25% to 50% of the weight of the teff flour
    • soy milk that can completely replace the portion of the water used in the dough leavened
    • eggs that help to incorporate air and to tie.
    • other ingredients such as thickeners that replace the role of gluten should always be used in leavened, but there is only xanthan, but also the seeds chia, flax and psyllium used separately or in a mix, here found “how to imitate the function of gluten”.
In the “chart of density of flours and starches” you find for each meal the replacement ratio with wheat flour.

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