Did you know that corn is not only yellow but multicolored?

Monoculture of yellow corn and genetically modified corn are disappearing, fortunately there are those who are committed to protecting biodiversity.

Are grown dozens of species of corn by different colors, so the corn is not only yellow but there are multicolored:

    • The multi-colored corn cobs of corn are grown Gemn Glass in Oklahoma
    • the black corn cobs are grown both in Central America and China.
    • the cobs of purple corn grown in Peru in the Andes, but we can also find here in the online shop specialized in products for the raw food diet
    • Thecobs white corn a Slow Food grown in the province of Padua and Treviso
    • cobs of corn red di Storo are grown in Trentino
    • cobs of blue corn native to South America, rich in anthocyanins, the pigments that have antioxidant properties
    • orange cobs the Eight File Flint Corn original New England
    • the green cobs the Oaxaca Green Dent Corn Mexican.


Corn always amazes with its colors, with the sweet taste and the variety of minced packaged flours with different grain sizes (grain size).

In the kitchen we can really indulge creating baked goods and not colored with different textures: soft, crumbly, sandy and sometimes crispy.


flour toasted corn, to bread forms a delicious crust and absorbs less than other flours
flour Pignoletto red corn
black corn flour
yellow corn flour  
white corn flour
These flours are used for:

    • arepas a small loaf of Venezuelan and Colombian origin mainly prepared with white corn flour
    • grits. Using 100-120 g of corn flour per person, to which are added 600 ml of water and a teaspoon of salt. The recommended cooking time is 60-90 minutes.
    • products from sweet and savory baked goods typical of Italian traditional cuisine, where the flour is rehydrated and cooked in the oven
    • dusting


Heat-treated corn flour is presented in a very fine granulometry, it is subjected to a hot-air roasting process that transforms the starch particles (jelly them).
White corn flour for tortillas is ground very finely and then cooked in hot air currents. The cooking process jelly the starch contained in it that makes the workable flour as if it contained “gluten.”This flour is used primarily in Latin America, where it is called masa harina.
Purple corn flour that can be used in any type of recipe. With this flour in Peru it was prepared a refreshing drink called “chica”, which is now recognized as a power nutrient due to its high content of anthocyanins, molecules that are found in fruits and vegetables of dark color.
Corn flour fine, with this flour prepare:

    • tacos
    • crepes
    • croquettes
    • soft polenta. Using 100-120 g of corn flour per person, to which are added 600 ml of water and a teaspoon of salt. The recommended cooking time is 45-60 minutes, if you use the “instant flour foil” cooking for 2 minutes.
    • crumbly dough as the pastry
    • soft dough as waffles and pancakes
    • leavened dough
Corn meal can not replace wheat flour 1: 1. To replace 100 grams of wheat flour, 85 grams of finely ground.

It is important to know the density of flours to understand how much they should be used to replace wheat flour, you can find help on the page dedicated to the “chart of the density of flours and starches.”

Corn flour has a low binding power and is almost always used with other gluten-free flours. In the preparation of baked goods, especially if leavened or whipped, you must have some extra precautions:

    • sift the flours before adding them to the other ingredients so as to incorporate air and make the lighter products
    • the dough must be softer
    • let the dough rest after adding the liquid ingredients to promote proper hydration of the flours and the humidity of the bakery products.
Not containing gluten that causes leavening and consistency to doughs, especially in leavened dough to replace the function of glutinous net. You can use these ingredients alternately:

    • flour of legumes in a percentage of from 25% to 50% of the weight of the corn flour
    • soy milk or or nuts or oil seeds that can completely replace the portion of the water used in the dough leavened
    • egg white or whole egg that help to incorporate air and to tie.
    • thickeners that replace the role of gluten, there isnot only xanthan, but also the seeds chia, flax and psyllium used separately or in a mix, here found “how to imitate the function of gluten”.

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