How to choose wich type of dairy milk replace traditional milk?

The milk plant is not the same varies in taste and texture.

In the market there is a great variety of vegetable milk, but produce it at home allows you to personalize it each time, these are the recipes that I prefer:

milk of coconut

milk plant cereal

milk plant legumes

milk plant of nuts or seed fruit

milk of cereal flakes


The coconut milk is sweet and a rich creamy texture. Is used in kitchens Hawaiian, Indian, Latin, Thai, Asian and Caribbean. And ‘suitable for the preparation of sweet and savory dishes like: drinks, puddings, sauces, creams, ice creams, sorbets, smoothies, bakery products, stews, soups.

Some chefs mix:

  • with hemp milk, in equal parts, for drinks as the “cappuccino veg”, the fat from coconut milk adds richness, while the hemp milk adds sobriety with a nutty flavor
  • with soy milk when they want to prepare dense and creamy ice cream with no predominant tastes.

Grain milk has a light texture suitable for the preparation of puddings, desserts, smoothies, ice cream, bakery products, sweet and savory sauces. The taste takes on different characteristics depending on the cereal used:

  • amaranth is slightly sweet with notes of molasses but also the nuts and grassy fruit
  • oats has a taste slightly sweet decided with notes of dried fruit
  • buckwheat is sweet with earthy notes of nuts
  • millet is sweet / bitter with notes of corn
  • barley is sweet with astringent notes of dried fruit
  • quinoa is slightly bitter with a sweet aftertaste and fresh herbs
  • white rice is sweet and has a very light texture
  • brown rice reminiscent of hazelnut
  • sorghum is slightly sweet with notes of dried fruit
  • teff is slightly sweet with notes of malt and oily fruits

Soy milk has a strong taste is full-bodied with vegetal notes, is used for making puddings, salad dressings, smoothies, baked goods, purees, sauces and tofu.

Alone or in combination with the coconut milk is particularly suitable for the preparation of the ice “cream”.

Nuts or seeds milk has a full-bodied texture. Some have a fairly neutral taste as: cashews, almonds, hemp. Others such as hazelnut are slightly salty and buttery. Alone or mixed with other types of milk are perfect for the production of bakery products and to emphasize preparation rich taste as:

  • the creamy drinks: cappuccino, chocolate, smoothie
  • puddings, ice creams, creams, sauces the delicious taste like caramel, chocolate, cookies, peanut butter and vanilla, where the almond milk is often mixed with that of cashews.


In the substitution the equivalence is 1 to 1: and then 100 ml of milk vaccine corresponds to 100 ml vegetable milk.




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