The fruit flour can efficiently substitute the enabling of wheat flour to vary our nutrition enriching it, but not only, can be used for decorate and seasoning or as flavoring and natural dyes.

The fruit flours are obtained by drying or dehydrating the fresh fruit at low temperature, not to alter the color and the nutrients, and then grinding it.

Who owns a dryer can prepare the flour with all kinds of fresh fruit, it is best to choose organic products that can be dried and eaten with the peel.

How to use fruit flour?

Some fruit flour can replace all or part of the wheat flour in the dough, for each of them I made a card for better describe the characteristics:

banana flour

chestnuts flour

carob flour

coconut flour

With all other fruits they are preparing flour serving to flavor or color in a natural way:

  • bakery products
  • soups
  • creams
  • fresh and dry pasta
  • icings
  • flavored sugar salt

or for seasoning and decorate our dishes:

  • fruit salads
  • fresh salads

On the market it is already the orange flour, strawberry, mixed fruit, kiwi, raspberry, lemon, blueberry, peach, blackcurrant and plums.

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