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The egg in pastry play a huge amount of different functions, depending on the recipe
incorporating air, provide structure, gel, humidify, emulsify, coagulate acting as a binder, provide color and flavor.

If by choice or due to health problems we decide to replace them there are many ingredients that can help us to imitate one of the functions of the eggs, but the important thing is to understand what role they play in the recipe that we want to reinterpret because in some cases the eggs perform multiple functions simultaneously.:

Promote leavening:

◇  Baking powder  ◇  baking soda ◇  sodium bicarbonate combined with an acid substance (such as vinegar, lemon, yogurt, cream of tartar)  ◇  agar agar  ◇ carbonated water ◇

They provide moisture

◇  fruit and vegetable puree  ◇  sour cream  ◇

They bind the ingredients and give softness:

flax seed, chia seed or psyllium seed ground  ◇  guar gum   ◇  the starches  ◇  potatoes  ◇  cooked legumes or flours  ◇  legume cooking water  “aquafaba”  ◇  cooked cereal  ◇  pasta of konjac (shirataki) ◇ agar agar  ◇  the mashed vegetables and fruits  ◇  tang zhong or water roux  ◇ lecithins


◇  soft tofu  ◇  flax and chia seeds ◇ le lecithins

They give color:

◇  turmeric  ◇  saffron  ◇

In the space dedicated to Food Sensibility I indicate which recipes do not contain eggs.

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