What is tare gum?

It is a natural food additive classified under the name E417, it has thickening, gelling and stabilizing functions. It is known as tare or tara flour or Peruvian carob. It is derived from the seeds of the tare (Caesalpina spinosa) an original shrub of the Peru valleys and spread in Latin America in Morocco and South Africa.

It is very used in the food and cosmetics industry.

Compared to other thickeners and stabilizers, it is distinguished by its ability to dissolve both in hot water and cold water, it gives the foods to which it is added the ability to conserve its texture without covering its flavor, aroma and not changing its color but exalting it.

Tare gum in the kitchen

It is used for its thickening and gelling capacity in the preparation of:

    • ice creams and sorbets
    • desserts, puddings
    • marmalades
    • sweet creams
    • sauces
    • soups
    • salted creams
Baking products utilize their ability to improve shelf life (prolong the freshness of the product) very useful in gluten-free products containing more starch.
It is used like guar gum, mixing it cold in liquids or dry ingredients, not the opposite. Some prefer it to guar gum or the slimy gelatin consistency that gives the food and its freezing / thawing stability with extremely low liquid release and very low formation of ice crystals (essential in the preparation of ice creams even without ice cream).
It resists a maximum heat of 145 ° C but it is good to be limited to a constant temperature of 120 ° C
The dose to be used depends on the density you want to obtain, usually ranging from 0.05% to 2%:

    • Ice cream, yoghurt, beverages, milk and sorbets from 0.05% to 0.15%
    • Sauces and soups from 0.1% to 0.5%
    • Desserts, puddings, marmalades and creams from 0.05% to 0.2%
    • Bakery products from 0.3% to 0.5%
Doses for 100 g of flour Doses guar gum
Cookies an pies 1,00 g
Cakes and pancakes 1,80 g
Muffin nad quick bread 2,50 g
Bread 3,50 g
Pizza 4,00 g


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