What is carob flour?

Carob is the precious fruit of the tree Ceratonia siliqua, a berry that a few decades ago was sold by sweets and sweets and markets and consumed as street food.

From the berry, three types of gluten-free gluten are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers.

Pulp flour and whole carrob pod

Flours of only flesh and whole carob pod are ideal for flavoring sweet and savory dishes.

They have chocolate flavors very similar to cocoa but do not contain caffeine and theobromine, substances that sometimes create cocoa hypersensitivity.

The pulp flour perfect for pastry recipes is used in the same amount of cocoa but has an added advantage of its sugar flavor, but with a low glycemic index, it reduces the amount of sweeteners used.

It is also very popular for its thickening power, which makes it perfect to use even raw to:

    • smoothies and smoothies
    • raw sweets you have trouble finding raw uncooked cocoa
The whole ground flour has a high content of fiber and tannins and is less sweet than the pulp flour, used in the same amount of cocoa lends itself to characterizing salted recipes such as:

    • fresh pastries
    • gnocchi
    • risotto

It is also an excellent substitute for barley in drinks.

Carob seed flour

More than a flour is a food additive which is certainly not used for its flavor but for its thickening, emulsifying, stabilizing and gelling functions (its label on the food labels that contain it is E410)

It is a thickener similar to starch but is less caloric and its ability to absorb water is much greater, up to 50-100 times its weight, and is used in very low doses.

In a dose of 1 – 1.5% on the weight of flour, when mixed with hot water, it forms a gel that supports the leavening of:

    • Leavened bakery products.

Used in a dose of 1 – 2% on the total weight of the ingredients is used to thicken:

    • sauces
    • creams
    • ice cream where it also limits the formation of ice crystals.

In the dose of 5 – 6% of the total weight of the ingredients gives more friability and crunchiness to gluten-free doughs:

    • waffles
    • friable dough
    • strudel dough


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