Literally translated, the term “wraps” means wrapping or wrapping, but for me it is pure creativity…

Mexicans, Armenians, Middle Easterns, Greeks and Turks have been eating wraps since before 1900, generally they are flat bread (tortillas, lavash, pita).

In Italian regional cuisine we have the piadina a poor peasant bread that became street food in the Sixties, but we also use thin omelettes and leafy vegetables to contain or wrap tasty and imaginative fillings.

The most current kitchen as wraps uses vegan crepes prepared with legume flour, or raw version of raw vegetables or fruits and oil seeds.

They are preferably circular but also square or rectangular.

The wraps depending on the chosen ingredients and their quantity can represent: breakfast, a single dish, an appetizer, a snack, a gourmet bite or a dessert.


As you can imagine, I will suggest you my favorite ones, those without gluten, prepared with vegetables and fruit or oil seeds that help us to vary our diet and to abound for a few meals a week pasta, bread and wheat pizzas.

Click here and you will find all the sweet and savory wraps recipes that I have proposed to you today, they are just some of my favorites, soon others will arrive. I recommend you try and then customize each recipe having fun and … let me know.


Do not limit the imagination and the various preferences or food needs, can also be an economic dish that helps us to respect and not waste food unnecessarily. The filling can be prepared using what remains of the previous meals or in the refrigerator, these are the characteristics that make me love them more.

These are just some examples of how you could fill the wraps made with vegetables and fruits and oil seeds:

Stuffed with fish:

  • white fish (sturgeon), green beans and red beans
  • white fish (sole), chickpeas, broad beans and artichokes
  • broccoli, herring, walnuts
  • shrimp, asparagus, zucchini, lettuce, avocado and parsley
  • squids, spinach, shallots and parsley.
Stuffed with cheese:

  • quartirolo, valerian, lettuce, rocket, fennel and pear
  • ricotta and black cabbage
  • stracchino, almonds, walnuts, dried apricots
  • robiola, spinach, boiled brown rice, sweet paprikae.
Stuffed with meat:

  • pork, rice, rennet apples, prunes
  • pork, saffron rice, raisins, chillies and yogurt sauce
  • turkey, asparagus, green beans, corn, orange peel rind
  • chicken, rocket, cucumber, radicchio, pepper, mayonnaise, cereal grains.
Stuffed with eggs:

  • hard boiled eggs, pepper, gherkins and capers
  • hard-boiled eggs, carrots, lentils, chickpeas, herbs, spring onions and balsamic vinegar
  • scrambled eggs with mushrooms
  • scrambled eggs with olives, parsley and chives.

  • tofu, tomatoes, basil
  • asparagus, bell pepper, spring onion, ginger and walnuts
  • chickpea peppers, curry couscous
  • tofu, bamboo shoots, Chinese cabbage, carrots, zucchini, rice vermicelli.
In sweet version:

  • fresh fruit salad
  • jam of fresh fruit and chia here find the recipe.



They come with different shapes here are some examples:

wraps2 Half-moon, the filling is poured on one half and covered with the other half of the wraps not stuffed.
wraps4 Cannelloni or roll, fill the central strip with filling and roll up on them.
wraps1 Like a small package closed and folded on itself like this:

  1. Arrange a few spoonfuls of the chosen filling in the middle of your wrap. Fold the sides of the wrap giving a cylinder shape.
  2. Fold one end of the cylinder over the filling.
  3. Close the cylinder with the other end and a small package will form.

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