Even tofu can be prepared at home, and does not exist only to soybeans, you can prepare nuts tofu with any type of cream ready (whithout sugar and salt, or homemade cream if you have the time and are lucky enough to have a pretty powerful mixer) to change every time the taste consistency and the moment you taste it.

The sesame tofu or “goma dofu” comes from the kitchen Shojin ryori, and it is a recipe of Buddhist monks in Koya-san, the Temple of Nara.

The original version is made with whole sesame seeds that are crushed by hand in a mortar. It ‘a fundamental principle for the kitchen Shojin ryori don’t operate with machinery, to spend time and effort to prepare food for the monks is a form of training that purifies the body and soul, in fact the word “Shojin” in Japanese means training but not only practical also mental and spiritual.

his is a modern version and very simplified but retains awareness of the importance of “knowing how to choose” and “know how” to protect our health.

You can decide what degree of density and taste must have adjusting the percentage of cream nuts or seeds and kuzu on the amount of liquid used. The amount of cream (whole seeds or nuts) can vary from 10% to 25% on the amount of liquid selected (on 500 ml of liquid can be used from 50 g to 125 g of cream or nuts and seeds grind). The amount of Kuzu can vary from 7.5% to 12.5% on the amount of liquid used (on 500 ml of liquid can be used from 37.5 g to 62.5 g of kuzu).

The version that I propose today does not mention the “goma dofu” as a starter as often happens, but it is sweet-salty, prepared with cream of peanut 100% and accompanied by a salad of fruits and vegetables. The idea is to reproduce the apple pie discompose playing with the amounts of the ingredients, so I chose the intermediate doses of peanut and kuzu cream.

Ingredients for 4 doses of peanut tofu:

  • 300 ml of water
  • 45 g of peanut cream
  • 25 g of kuzu
  • 2 teaspoons rice malt
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

Ingredients for the salad of fruits and vegetables:

  • 2 green Granny Smith apples
  • 2 carrots
  • Green raisins and currants q.s.
  • lime juice or lemon
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon mixed with 1 teaspoon of coconut sugar

How to prepare goma dofu

Prepare the molds have to put it to firm the tofu wet with water, so that tofu does not stick and you can unmold calmly (I chose a silicon mold portion but if you want you can use a bigger one and cut the tofu when ready ). You can also leave the molds immersed in water until use.

Dissolve the kuzu with little water in a bowl, stirring well.

When the kuzu is perfectly melted add the cream of peanuts, malt and salt, mix well and add gradually the rest of the water.

Pour the entire mixture into a nonstick pan, put on low heat, especially the first time you prepare this tofu is important to do everything quietly and prevent burning or sticking, mix well you will see that gradually thicken, it will take 10 minutes, is absolutely exhausting mix you should just pay attention and be patient.

Tofu and ready when it falls slowly from spatula forming the classic triangle.

Pour the tofu in wet molds, leveled with a spatula or wet knife, cover with plastic wrap directly resting on tofu to avoid formation of a dry film on the exposed surface.

Let cool to room temperature, then put it to cool and harden completely in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.

Throw out is simple, I spent on broths between tofu and mold a wet knife, but I saw the chef Japanese pour a small amount of water into the mold and gently pull the edges of the tofu from the mold with your fingers and then turn it upside down on the plate, you choose your favorite method.

For the fruit salad and vegetables with a mandolin cut the apple and carrots julienne, season with lime juice and raisins.

As a final touch sprinkle on tofu and on salad cinnamon mixed with a small dose of coconut sugar.

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