Pancakes but also soft unleavened panini to be cooked in frying pan, fast to prepare, with protein flour to cook or to accompany your dishes.

You can prepare them with any type of flour and taste them warm and at room temperature.

Ingredients for 12 small pea pancakes

  • 130 g pea flour
  • 15 g golden lime seeds
  • 240 ml of water
  • 2 g salt

Ingredients for 12 small chickpea pancakes

  • 130 g chickpea flour (in my case chickpeas black)
  • 15 g golden lime seeds
  • 240 ml of water
  • 2 g salt

How to prepare pancakes

Two separate doughs are made with the ingredients indicated for each type of dough, but the procedure is the same.

Chop the flaxseed into a mixer with the pulse function.

In a bowl, combine pulverized flour, chopped linseed, salt and water, mix with a spoon. The batter should not be liquid but soft and easily slip out of the spoon, each flour absorbs water differently, if it needs to serve, add a teaspoon of more water or flour. Remember that the flax seeds thicken the batter.

Fill some oil with a pan, when it is hot, pour the batter into the batter. In my case a pancake exactly matches a tablespoon of batter. If the batter is of the right density, it extends immediately by forming the pancake.

Cook pancakes as long as the surface is no longer translucent, they will also make small buchetti in the dough that will tell you they can be turned. Roll them and cook them on the other side. Cooking is about 2 minutes per side.



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