My gastronomic panettone is not leavened and has no grain, yeast and dairy products, I decided to exclude these ingredients that will clearly be other recipes present on our tables these days of celebration.

For the dough I used almond flour and quinoa (quinoa is not a true cereal) carrots and orange, the mixture is very fragrant and soft.

I stuffed panettoncini photographed with ham, dried figs, hazelnuts and silken tofu that does not affect the taste of the filling but emphasizes the taste of the products that characterize it.

I suggest other farce for my panettoncini they see as the basic ingredient silken tofu to give creaminess and respect the taste of the ingredients:

  • ham, walnuts
  • tuna, peanuts, boiled eggs
  • chicken, spinach, hazelnuts
  • bacon, celery, hazelnuts
  • anchovies, dried tomatoes, green olives, hazelnuts

Ingredients for 40 small panettone diameter of 4 cm:

  • 200 g almond flour
  • 30 g raw quinoa mix red white and black (cooked triples its weight, we will put our dough 90 g of cooked quinoa)
  • 90 ml water to cook quinoa
  • 230 g carrots
  • 230 g orange (2 peeled oranges)
  • 2 eggs
  • 7 g salt

Stuffing for 40 small panettone:

  • 100 g ham
  • 60 g silken tofu or veg cheese
  • 60 g dried figs (3 figs)
  • 30 g hazelnuts

How to prepare the panettone

Wash very well 30 g quinoa, cooking it with 90 ml water equal to 3 times its volume for 15 minutes, drain any water left, let it cool.

Wash the carrots and cut into thin slices.

Grate the zest of the oranges and set aside, then peel oranges in vivo to eliminate even the white part that is under the peel, cut into slices and remove the seeds blend them with carrots and eggs.

Stir the quinoa with the ground almonds, zest of oranges and salt.

Combine the wet ingredients to the dry ones, mixing well.

I wanted small panettone dose one that developed vertically and I decided to use two types of molds. I paid a portion of the dough into the molds from the cake to create the foundations of the cake can be filled, and the rest of the dough into the molds to create the domed top of the panettone (you can safely use the molds larger the dough It can cut smoothly and despite not having the yeast tends to rise slightly but certainly will not rise as a regular cake with sourdough or yeast).

Bake in preheated oven at 170 ° C for 25 minutes (these cooking times are correct for panettone dose, if you use the molds larger elongated cooking, for molds with capacity from 500 g of dough it will take 80 minutes of cooking, fairies Always check with the stick to skewer, if it comes out clean the cake is cooked).

Allow to cool before you remove from the molds.

How to prepare the stuffing

Cut into small pieces the prosciutto and figs.

Chop the hazelnuts with the pulse function of the mixer.

Mix the ingredients and stuff the panettone cold.

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