Proposing ideas for the menu of the holidays, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

panettone-gastronomico-senza-glutineMy gastronomic panettone is not leavened and has no grain, yeast and dairy products, I decided to exclude these ingredients that will clearly be other recipes present on our tables these days of celebration. For the dough I used almond flour and quinoa (quinoa is not a true cereal) carrots and orange, the mixture is very fragrant and soft. I stuffed panettone photographed with ham, dried figs, hazelnuts and silken tofu that does not affect the taste of the filling but emphasizes the taste of the products that characterize it.


salsa_di_fogie_di_caroteRaw zucchini noodles with sauce of carrot leaves. The carrot leaves are edible and have the same nutritional properties, vitamins and minerals carrots. They have a slightly spicy and herbaceous taste that goes very well with the lemon zest and olives.

brioches_salate_integrali_senza_glutine copia

Small soft brioches gluten free with fennel, teff flakes and nuts, are perfect to accompany the cheese or fish.The dough is similar to a bread dough very soft thanks to the flaxseeds that absorb liquids present creating a gel imperceptible combining the ingredients by creating a moldable compound also with the hands, of course does not have the same elasticity of the bread dough with gluten. I chose to use the molds baked in the shape of croissants and I made a starter serving them with a salad of tuna, kumquats and pomegranate.If you want you can increase the sweet note of this salad enriching it with apple or pineapple or carrots, or make it more flavorful combining the anchovies and salad leaves.


focaccine_di_lenticchie_rosse_e_cavolo_nero_senza_glutineUnleavened cakes to be enjoyed as a snack or to decorate for an aperitif. I smeared these scones with jam pomegranate (no sugar added) and I then garnish with finocchiona (sausage prepared with typical Tuscan ground pork, flavored with fennel seeds and soaked in red wine) and the peppery pecorino, I assure you it’s worth it to try this combination of contrasting flavors.


TartelletteTarts gluten-free and dairy products, flavored with fresh radishes hazelnuts and almonds, it has the classic texture of the pie, but it is more digestible and light. It can be stuffed as you wish I will propose two farce, one with ham, pineapple and pistachios delicate flavor and a firmer with cheese spread robiola (easily replaceable with tofu) anchovies, lemon peel and mint.


sformato_prosciutto_e_funghi_senza_glutine copiaFlan ham and mushrooms gluten and dairy-free is my review of a recipe of French cuisine.



pain-depices-senza-glutineMy vegan version of Pain d’épices gluten free, a fragrant French bread unleavened. I made small plum dose entering the fibers of zucchini and apple and I used only the sugar apple.



Torta_bicolore_senza_glutineA double pie stuffed with a fresh coffee cream. You can stuff the cake with other creams or enjoy separately the two bodies.The cake is completely free of cereal flours admirably replaced by coconut flakes that give lightness and oleaginous fruits that give flavor and crispness.


panpepato“Peppery bread” is a sweet native of Siena but is preparing throughout Central Italy. I love the texture and aromatic flavor of this cake, I set before you the enriched version with jam and chocolate icing. I kept unchanged the method of preparation but I replaced several ingredients to adapt this recipe for vegans and those who have problems with gluten and sugars.


tortina_di_noci_brasiliane_senza_glutineA delicious cake without dairy products and cereals with double dough, one with slightly crunchy macadamia nuts and other soft mounted hot with almonds and coconut in the middle of two bodies the dried cranberries with their slight acidity creates a nice contrast flavors.





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