Happy Easter to all this is my egg for you ….. how surprised you’ll find some ideas from my blog …. open it…

Easter is the time of year when winter ends spring arrives and you feel the need for fresh, lively. These are some of the my recipes rich in fresh vegetables for your reunion moments with friends and family.

VEGETABLE TART. A colorful tart and rich in nutrients and genuine products like seeds, crostata-di-verdurelegumes, and vegetables, but dairy-free and egg gluten. I stuffed this tart with cashew cream and a salad of small peaks of Roman broccoli and cherry tomatoes colorful, old varieties recovered from a farm in south eastern Sicily. These small tomatoes have a very delicate flavor and are all different, the set is amazing.

strati_di_crepes_di_frutta_secca_e_agrettiLAYERS OF DRIED FRUIT CREPES WITH AGRETTI. Soft pastry oil seeds stuffed with agretti, leek and chopped nuts, green raisins and currants. This is a new version of crepes (or wraps) thin elastic sheets with no grains, dairy and eggs, which can be rolled up and stuffed or used in layers like in this recipe.

ravioli-al-fornoBAKED RAVIOLI. Ravioli of potato cooked in the oven, with a sweet savory stuffing consists of ham and prunes, contrasts inspired by the cuisine of South Tyrol attempt that has features similar to the Italian cuisine but not to those of Central Europe. Usually I accompany these ravioli with a salad of raw vegetables in season and a sauce, in this case the raw mustard.

spaghetti-con-naselloSPAGHETTI WITH HAKE. I love the spaghetti but of vegetables, in this case are of zucchini seasoned with a sauce Hake, peanuts, black olives, capers and orange zest. These spaghetti raw food can be made with other types of vegetables such as carrots, squash, cucumbers, cabbage, bell pepper, and make it easy and fun to eat raw vegetables in every season.The hake is cooked almost without fire, cooking a Chinese inspired respects this valuable fish keeping her flesh consistent but not stringy.

palline-di-pollo-e-miglio-con-salsa-all-anetoBALLS OF CHICKEN AND MILE WITH DILL SAUCE. These chicken balls are slightly spicy baked in fat covered with a light crust of miles that adheres perfectly to the ground beef without the use of alloying ingredients such as egg, flour or breadcrumbs.


torta-al-cocco-con-crema-di-mangoCOCONUT CAKE WITH MANGO CREAM. A delicate coconut cake without gluten, dairy, eggs, covered and accompanied by a raw mango cream.



doce_di_frutta_e_cioccolatoSWEET OF FRUIT AND CHOCOLATE. Soft cakes of fresh and dried fruit glazed with chocolate, gluten, dairy and eggs sweetened only with fruit.


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