Dried fruit is a versatile ingredient, it keeps longer and is always available in the pantry and allows us to prepare our most delicious recipes without adding sweeteners.

At the time of purchase it is essential to read the label to check:

  • that has been dried or dehydrated in its natural state,
  • that is free of preservatives,
  • that does not contain added sugars such as saccharin or artificial sweeteners that make it more caloric and harmful to the line and health.

Those that I suggest are just two very simple and quick examples to make: a sauce to accompany spoon desserts or a spread to spread on rusks, pancakes or to stuff biscuits and cakes.

I made a sauce to accompany a sweet spoon Halva mile find the recipe here

Ingredients pineapple sauce or cream:
100 g dried pineapple
1/2 orange juice (about 30 ml) or water to prepare a sauce – 1/2 teaspoon of juice or water to have the consistency of a jam
How to prepare the pineapple sauce or cream:
Soak in hot water pineapple dried for 10 minutes.
Drain the pineapple from the soaking water and blend with the orange juice.
I recommend you do not throw away the soaking water, use it for example as a base for a smoothie, to soften a dough or other.

You can prepare these recipes with all kinds of dried fruit. With the same procedure and the addition of other sweet and savory ingredients, sauces and creams are prepared in a few minutes to accompany vegetable, fish, meat, cheese and egg recipes here are some combinations with the main ingredient of this post dried pineapple:

Salty pairings

  • pineapple + avocado + watercress
  • pineapple + bananas + lemon + red onions
  • pineapple + cinnamon + curry + star anise
  • pineapple + black beans + cucumbers
  • pineapple + lime + mint
  • pineapple + apple + ginger + orange juice + soy sauce
  • pineapple + chillies + coriander + garlic + lime + red onions
  • pineapple + chillies + lime + red onions
  • pineapple + chillies + lime + mint + tomatoes


Sweet accompaniments

  • pineapple + berry fruits + citrus + mango + star anise
  • pineapple + banana + ginger + vanilla
  • pineapple + carrots + cinnamon + raisins
  • pineapple + coconut flakes + honey + oranges
  • pineapple + coconut flakes + ginger
  • pineapple + kiwi + mango + papaya
  • pineapple + almonds + vanilla
  • pineapple + vanilla + nuts
  • pineapple + ginger + maple syrup
  • pineapple + ginger + lime

Experiment and enjoy creating …

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