A crisp crackers prepared with the purple batata, which will surprise you for its flavor.
Given the very unique flavor of this bat, I used little salt in the dough, so these  crackers can fill recipes and sweet and salty foods.

«Purple batata is cultivated in Italy by the certified biodynamic company Demeter “Agrilatina”
Here are some of the features of this special gift of nature described by “Agrilatina”:
The purple duck is consumed by the appetizer to the sweet, Uncooked or Cooked.
It is a true combination of healthy nutrients that strengthen the immune system and is very effective as Antioxidant and Anti-Age.
Important to health is also its Alcalinity.
It is very suitable for Sports and Intensive work.
The moderate glycemic index, the soluble dietary fibers and its multiple contents make it useful in case of Diabetes (also Type 2).
Its consumption may also be of help to the Heart.
Some Kansas researchers have found that the purple bat anthocyanin content has beneficial properties against different types of Tumors.
The content of soluble fiber and anthocyanins is also helpful in Inflammations (Brain and Nervi tissue).
Also crossing the digestive tract lowers the potential risk of Free radicals and Heavy metals.»

Ingredients for 50 crackers

  • 130 g batata (1 medium in size)
  • 80 g almond flour
  • 55 g sunflower seeds
  • 55 g pumpkin seeds
  • 25 g oil
  • 12 g almond cream
  • 25 g of citruses (I used the orange)
  • 2 g salt

How to make crackers

Wash the bathtubs very well, do not peel them, cut into pieces and shake them with oil and almond cream.
Grate the citrus rind.
In a bowl mix the almond flour, the sunflower and pumpkin seeds, the citrus peel and salt  add the shake of batata  mix with a spatula to mix everything.
The dough is thick and sticky, pour it into a baking tray covered with baking paper and lay it in a thickness of about 3 mm, helping you with a spatula.
Incase the dough with the knife to give shape to your crackers.
Bake at 110 ° C for 45 minutes.
Fully cool the crackers and separate them.

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