This cream or fresh cheese can be prepared with almonds or other oleaginous fruits and seeds activated, its delicate taste and its soft texture make it an excellent main ingredient but also a great base for sweet and savory preparations (for example: mayonnaise, cheese or dips, cream filling and cheesecake …).

This time of year is particularly rich in moments of celebration, in which the word quickly gives way to moments of conviviality with family and friends, it seems perfect to become familiar with a technique that can become a healthy habit to “activation” of the seeds (oily fruits, cereals, legumes).

Activation reduces or neutralizes phytic acid present in seeds, allowing the body to absorb the minerals in foods making them more digestible.

The neutralization of phytic acid is achieved by immersing food in clean water for a time calculated according to the seed density (I’ll get into a detailed post).

The activated oleaginous fruits rehydrate and soften and become much simpler and fast chop with a regular food processor to obtain a smooth, creamy consistency.


Ingredients for 250 g:

  • 150 g almonds already without shell and cuticle
  • 115 ml water
  • 20 ml lemon juice
  • 2 g salt

How to prepare cream

Rinse very well the almonds, if you find them with the skins are fine do not worry during the soak will soften and can be removed with ease, but the skins has a weight you need to increase the dose of 50 g of almonds.

In a glass container (do not use plastic) soak for 8 hours in clean water covering the almonds thoroughly with salt water with a pinch of salt (activates enzymes that neutralize phytic acid), let stand at room temperature covering the bowl with a clean cloth that allows perspiration.

Every 4 hours changed the soaking water.

At the end the soaking drain the almonds, rinse well and throw the soaking water.

Blend almonds with remaining ingredients (lemon salt water) in a food processor until it becomes soft and smooth.

It is preserved in the refrigerator for 2 weeks in an airtight container.



  • 125 g soft cheese with almonds
  • 180 g fennel to be blended + 50 g of coarsely chop
  • 1.5 teaspoons coriander seeds
  • 1.5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • coarsely chopped zest of 2 tangerines

How to prepare dips with fennel

In a food processor, pulverize coriander seeds, then add the soft cheese with almonds, oil and 180 g of fennel cut into pieces, blend until smooth and creamy.

At this point add the fennel and tangerine peel coarsely chopped.



  • 125 g soft cheese with almonds
  • 90 g black olives already pitted (mine are in oil, if your do not have add 1.5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to the ingredients)
  • 6 g coarsely chopped parsley
  • coarsely chopped zest of 1 lemon

How to prepare dips with olive

Chop the olives coarsely.

Combine all the ingredients in the soft cheese and mix well.

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