In the first post dedicated to “Meal prep” I shared the articles that helped me to see it as a great help, now let’s begin…

How to organize the weekly menu

It can be done at a table and once it has been established which foods should compose each of our meals, to respect and make our body function properly, we set: the weekly food plan, the shopping list and recipe book….


the magazine “La Cucina Italiana” in a recent article provides us with an additional inspiration describing some


which help to organize the weekly menu. Here they are really simple to use and you can download with a click:

Food Planner allows you to draw up the shopping list and then bring back the recipes, which will be part of the menu, so as to give life to a kind of recipe book. This app offers the possibility to share data even with other connected mobile devices.

Easy Menu Planner allows you to compose lunch and dinner menus, inserting the dishes to prepare, each accompanied by the list of ingredients. Also present in this app the fundamental option to write the shopping list.

Recipe Calendar allows you to choose a menu from the existing ones or to create an ad hoc one, based on your favorite foods or the calories allowed. This app also allows you to make the shopping list for each recipe.

Meal Planner allows you to easily organize the week’s menu, searching for existing recipes to complete the plan, or creating new ones.

Pepperplate is an app that allows several options: collect the recipes already loaded, make the shopping list and organize the meal prep. Furthermore, it is multi-platform, meaning the contents synchronize on all connected devices.

Plan to Eat, finally, it automatically generates the shopping list, based on the previous recipes.

What do I prepare

As in a restaurant I create a “line of work” preparing all the elements necessary for the realization of weekly meals avoiding useless waste of time:
♦  Requiring foods:  

    • accurate cleaning and cutting 
    • soak before cooking
    • long cooking.

  Preparations that help me in making recipes by varying alternating, changing combinations and even the appearance of food:

    • vegetable, meat and fish broths
    • stock cubes
    • salad dressings
    • fruit and oilseed bases for smoothies, frappe, smoothie, raw soups, creams, condiments, patés, sauces
    • dried fruit paté
    • veg dairy products
    • whole grains and legumes that can be transfigured into: sweet and savory biscuits crackers hamburger meatballs sausages omelettes sweet and savory puddings sweet and savory pies salads crunchy part of a dish sweet and savory sauces or creams breading  sauces and….
    • vegetables to make: creams pesti sauces gravy mousse puree, fillings gratin omelettes dumplings flans breaded cutlets rolls aspic puddings and….

  Products that I consume at every meal, starting with breakfast, which must be treated starting from the choice of raw materials:

    • bases for sweet and savory tarts and cheesecake
    • biscuits and sweets
    • fruit-only candies
    • bread
    • crackers, breadsticks
    • crisp toasts
    • focacce
    • pizze
    • pancake and waffle
    • wraps vegan and raw
    • sweet and savory pies
    • fruit ice creams and oilseeds
    • fruit tofu and oilseeds

Find most of the preparations listed above by clicking:

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