Buttermilk is the curd that forms over the butter during its production, is still produced by adding a bacterial culture with skimmed milk to reproduce the consistency flavor and acidity of the original product: So the word “buttermilk” todayIt refers to cultured buttermilk.

Here you will find all the properties of buttermilk.

It is easily found at health food shops.

If you want to prepare at home substitutes buttermilk I submit all the recipes that I found, choose the recipe that is most congenial

Ingredients for 125 g of buttermilk and 90 g of butter:

  • 250 ml of fresh creamMount with electric whips the cream for 15-20 minutes making “crazy”. The liquid part (buttermilk) will separate from the solid (butter).

Ingredients for 125 g of buttermilk:

  • 125 ml of fresh skimmed milk
  • 8 ml of lemon juice

Mix the skim milk lemon juice and let stand at room temperature for 20 minutes.

Ingredients for 250 g of buttermilk:

  • 125 ml of fresh skimmed milk
  • 125 g low-fat yogurt is not compactMix the milk with yogurt.

Ingredients for a continuous production of buttermilk:

  • 60 ml of buttermilk commercial
  • 1 l of fresh skimmed milk

Heat the milk to 38 ° C mesclando continuously.

Place the warmed milk in a glass bowl, add buttermilk mix well and cover.

Let rest at room temperature overnight, the ideal temperature for fermentation is 26 ° C, in winter you need to wrap the glass container in a cover, I put the container in the oven, leaving the oven light on, this will reach about 26 ° C.

When the milk has curdled we got buttermilk, to continue the self-production, we save 60 ml of buttermilk to be introduced in the new liter of milk to curdle.

The buttermilk is preserved in the refrigerator for 2 weeks.

This is my recipe with buttermilk:

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