Knowing the primary tastes and knowing which task they have in the balance of a recipe is fundamental, especially if it can favor a greater consumption of vegetables and fruit.

To season your fresh vegetable and fruit dishes, do not rely on ready-made products found at the supermarket, too often they are not made of quality ingredients.

Choose the ingredients carefully and prepare the salad dressings with your own hands. It is the best choice. The products that are already ready seem so greedy because to tease our taste buds are not limited to the two main flavors: salty and acid, involving us with the full range of tastes: salty, sour, sweet, bitter, umami and not they only add aromatic notes as well.

These ingredients, to prepare condiments, represent the whole palette of tastes and part of the aromatic notes:


In small quantities, the acidic notes improve bitterness; in large quantities, they suppress the bitterness:

  • Citrus juice
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Vinegar: apple (the most delicate), white or red wine
  • Rice vinegar mainly used for Asian salads
  • Honey vinegar
  • Fruit vinegars, to the acidity add the aromas of the fruit.**

**There are many, it is a company to have them all in the pantry, we can however flavoring the seasoning by adding fresh or paté of dried fruit , or paté of nuts or jams without sugar.


Round the flavors:

  • 100% unsweetened fruit jam
  • Pate ‘of dried fruit (plums, figs, dates, etc.) soaked and then blended
  • Whole dried fruit, make sure that there are no sugar and sulphites in the ingredients
  • Agave juice and Maple juice have a fluid consistency
  • Honey has a more viscous consistency


These ingredients with their slight bitter aftertaste create a sense of lightness and enhance the other ingredients of the seasoning by balancing the aromas:

  • Oilseed creams or 100% nuts, not roasted or salted
  • Nuts and whole oil seeds, soaked and smoothies


Enhance the flavor of the ingredients:

  • Salt
  • Miso
  • Tamari or Nama Shoyu


They distribute all tastes evenly on our tongue and from richness to dishes.

« Fats should not frighten us if they are natural fats: their caloric content should not scare us: they give satiety and generate healthy intestinal responses, through the secretion of cholecystokinin, eventually inducing lipolysis (fat melting) through the stimulation of special proteins (PPAR) present within our cells.
The PPAR proteins “read” the quality of the fat introduced with the feeding, and according to that they determine the biological responses. Which can cause fattening, weight loss, illness. This is why it is very important to choose quality fats, forgetting the elementary calories calculation for once. A good fat will make you lose weight and will give you balance: An altered, refined, industrial fat will give exactly the opposite effect. »

From: The recipes to feel good: GIFT diet


  • Extra virgin olive oil, the term extra virgin is important because the simple olive oil is often obtained by extraction, with solvent, of mixtures of exhausted olives of different origin, or by mix of poor quality oils, we find ourselves so to spend a lot without having a good quality / price ratio.
  • Oil of single cold-pressed seed
  • Oils of oil seeds and fruits rich in omega 3 and omega 6 :
    • peanut oil, particularly suitable for salad dressings with an Asian flavor or with fruit*
    • hemp oil, with a creamy consistency*
    • sunflower seeds oil*
    • almond oil*
    • hazelnut oil*
    • walnut oil, with a rich consistency*
    • macadamia nut oil, very used in Hawaiian cuisine, in rice salads or fruit with tropical fruits*
    • pecan oil, has a persistent aromas*
    • pine oil, that has notes of resin and is very suitable for combination with cheese, tomatoes, parsley and spinach in the preparation of pesto*
    • pistachio oil*
    • pumpkin seed oil, rich buttery with aromas of chestnut, spices, toasted walnuts*
    • sesame oil, aromatic particularly suitable for Asian salads*

*They are really many, they are very delicate, easily rancid and I think it is impossible to have them all in the pantry, you can get the same aromas with the fruits and whole oilseed smoothies with all the other ingredients of the seasoning.

  • rich buttery avocado oil


  • Fresh avocado
  • Olive


The primary tastes mixed together with the collaboration of smell allow us to expand the range of flavors we perceive, and here come the aromatic ingredients come into play:

  • Herbs, like all green leaves contain chlorophyll which adds to each dish a note of freshness.
  • Spices, flavoring allowing the reduction or elimination of salt, they are sweet, spicy, aromatic, can refresh or heat, the variety of stimuli and sensations that can transmit us is infinite
  • Citrus peel, confer freshness
  • Fresh ginger grated with a citrus, pungent aroma
  • Flower water

These are just the most used ingredients for condiments, they can and should be varied according to your tastes.

Preparing a seasoning for a plate of fresh vegetables or a richer salad is not a trivial thing … the doses of the ingredients and how to assemble them are as important as the choice of quality raw materials …

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