How are these cuts made? for which recipes are they used?


Come si fa?
  1. For example, wash and dry a courgette and remove the ends
  2. With a mandolina, a vegetable peeler, or a knife, if you are an expert, cut the chosen vegetables into slices by lengthwise, obtaining long slices.
How do you use sliced vegetables?

Slices with a maximum thickness of 2 mm are used:

  • especially raw, for a carpaccio or to prepare stuffed rolls or rolls as you like
  • cooked for a “tarte tatin”
  • cooked to coat the mold when preparing “flans”.

Slices with a thickness of 5 mm up to 1 cm can be used:

  • to replace fresh pasta in a “lasagna”
  • to prepare a “bowl” of vegetables with many layers of different colors
  • cooked on the grill
  • baked a “gratin”
  • breaded and fried perhaps for a “parmigiana”.



How you do it?
  1. Cut the vegetable slices into pieces, as you can see in the first illustration
  2. Then from each piece you get thin strips of square section vegetables, as you can see in the second illustration.
What names are given to this type of cut?
  • julienne when the sticks have a thickness of 2 mm and a length of 4-5 cm
  • gardener when the sticks have a thickness that can vary from 3 mm to 1 cm, with a length of 2-3 cm.
How do you use sticks vegetables?

This cut is particularly suitable for leeks, peppers, courgettes, aubergines, carrots, peppers, mushrooms, potatoes and celeriac, but also with citrus peel.
The cut a julienne is used for:

  • pinzimonio
  • embellish preparation such as mixed salads with raw vegetables of intact consistency
  • appetizing appetizers when the vegetables are seasoned with creamy sauces
  • give color and a crunchy touch to soups.

This cut is suitable for any type of cooking.

Cutting gardener:

  • raw it garnishes meat-based recipes (such as roasts, braised meats or boiled meat) or, when cooked, enriches soups or risottos.
  • it is used to prepare the sauteed vegetables in the wok
  • it’s the classic fries cut.


How you do it?
  1. From the vegetable sticks you get cubes that can be of different sizes
What names are given to this type of cut?
  • brunoise ◊ comes from the julienne cut ◊  they are small cubes of about 1 mm per side
  • mirepoix ◊ comes from the julienne cut ◊  they are cubes of about 2 mm per side
  • matignon ◊ derives from the gardener cut ◊  they are cubes with a size that varies from 3 mm to 1 cm per side.
How do you use diced vegetables?

The brunoise it is perfect for:

  • salads also with cereals
  • appetizers and decorations that give a contrast of consistencies taste and color.

The mirepoix it can be raw, roasted or stewed. It is the basis for preparation:

  • of fried and broths
  • of recipes of soups, stews and sauces. A variant is the fat mirepoix in which is added bacon or raw ham and is used as a base for meat preparations.

The matignon it can be for:

  • side dishes
  • to accompany cheese plates, eggs, meat, fish
  • it is a cut that is also used for fruit.

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