A flour obtained by drying at low temperature of bananas, has a very intense color that affects pleasantly on the dough with a pleasant golden brown effect.

There are three types, two commercially available:

sweet, made from ripe fruit, lends itself to replace part or all of any flour in the production of baked goods like cookies, donuts, cream cakes, filled cakes and pies

with more neutral flavor, it made from fruits that are not fully ripe suitable ache to mixtures of products to savory baked goods or fresh pasta, fillings, meat loaves and flans.

They are flour that absorbs much liquid and can weigh down the dough.
For soft products it is advisable not to exceed the dose by 25% on the weight of flour.
For loose products or not fluffy replacing up to 100% of this flour in the dough that you have to prepare.

a third flour is obtained from green bananas, rich in proteins, starches, fiber and antioxidants, and considered by the tasters test that has proven tasty, with a pleasant texture and slightly adhesive.

It ‘an innovative and also very economical because flour green bananas that have not passed the selection to be placed on the market and are considered a waste product by farmers.

It is not yet on the market in Italy, is the result of a study by researchers at the University of Brazil. The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic in July of 2012 he published this abstract:

«The aim of this study was to develop and analyze a gluten-free pasta made from flour of green bananas. The study was divided into five phases: preparation / selection, chemical, sensory, technological, and statistical analysis. The sample modified presented a greater acceptance (84.5% for celiac individuals and 61.2% for nonceliac) compared to the reference samples (53.6% for nonceliac individuals). There was no significant difference between the modified samples and the standard in terms of appearance, aroma, flavor, and overall quality. The modified pulp presented about 98% in less than lipids. Green bananas are considered a by-product of low commercial value with little industrial use. The ability to develop products with gluten-free flour green bananas able to expand the range of products for people with celiac disease and contribute to a more varied diet.»

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