Knowing the density of the flour helps to replace wheat flour in recipes with a gluten-free flour, and “self-produce” the mix of flour with high quality raw materials.

Gluten-free flours and starches Replace 100 g wheat flour
Amaranth flour 88 g
Buckwheat flour 100 g
Coconut flour 20 g
Corn flour ground coarse 77 g
Corn flour ground fine 85 g
Cornstarch 71 g
Legume flour (chickpeas, beans, peas, beans etc.) 66 g
Millet flour 88 g
Nuts flour (almonds, hazelnuts etc. Finely chopped) 41 g
Oat flour 99 g
Potato starch 88 g
Quinoa flour 82 g
Rice flour (white / wholemeal) 100 g
Sorghum flour 100 g
Soy flour 62 g
Tapioca starch or tapioca flour 88 g
Teff flour 50 g

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