How to understand what are the eggs in a recipe?
As an ingredient we use to replace them?
At what dose?

The number of eggs present in a recipe may indicate the function carried out:

  • 1 egg alone can polish or color pastes or carries a binder
  • 1 or 2 eggs + egg whites donate moisture and bind or emulsify the ingredients
  • 2 eggs + or make the soft dough making to leaven

The ingredients

The same ingredient used in different doses and modes, or combined with other ingredients can perform one or more functions.

Gloss and coloring

To gloss and gild the baked goods as leavened, tarts, cakes and pies usually using the egg white or egg yolk or milk or butter. These ingredients are ideal for healthy, good and ethical:

cooking water from the beans gloss the baked goods
malt 1 tablespoon malt + 2 tablespoons water to brown cakes and leavened
cream soy 11 tablespoon soy cream + 1 tablespoon of oil to rub the baked goods
turmeric, curry, saffron a pinch of one of these ingredients for coloring pastes

Turmeric, curry and saffron not only make visually attractive dough but enrich the flavor and their nutritional properties.


The classic technique for the breading provides the food pass into flour, then in beaten egg and finally in breadcrumbs. By mixing with water one of the dry ingredients:

rice starch


3 parts of starch + 2 parts plain or sparkling water, if you like beer.
chickpea flour or red lentils


3 parts of flour + 2 parts plain or sparkling water, if you like beer.
potato starch 3 parts of starch + 2 parts plain or sparkling water, if you like beer.

we create a thick batter (which replaces the first two steps) to which adhere the part crispy.


Eggs play a binder not only in confectionery or bakery products, but also in the mixtures of meatballs, meat loaf, croquettes stuffed, quenelles, terrines, stuffings for pies.
The yolk adds richness to these preparations, but it is not necessary to tie, the egg white can be very well be replaced by ingredients commonly used as:

flakes of instant cereal or cooked 2 tablespoons correspond to 1 egg
cooked grains 2 tablespoons correspond to 1 egg
cooked legumes 2 tablespoons correspond to 1 egg
potatoes and baked sweet potatoes 2 tablespoons correspond to 1 egg
classic ricotta and cottage cheese plant 60 g corresponding to 1 egg
tofu 60 g corresponding to 1 egg

… or Ingredients less common as:

agar agar 15 g agar agar + 15 ml water corresponds to 1 egg white

agar agar is perfect to prepare a recipe that requires the use of egg white as a binder.
With an immersion blender or a whisk vigorously mixing the mixture, do it in the refrigerator to lower the temperature, it still works for mount it slightly and you can put in the recipe.

chia seeds 2 teaspoons of seeds of chia + 60 ml of water correspond to 1 egg or to 55 ml of oil

The chia seeds can fully replace or reduce the dose of eggs and fats present in a recipe.
With an immersion blender to mix the two ingredients well and let rest, after 15 minutes you will be trained to use the gel.

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