SINGLE DISH A kind of menu on one plate; one recipe where fantasy and ingredients give the best of themselves. My recipes where you will find the source of protein and carbohydrate that you can just add the raw or cooked vegetables and you will easily a plate balanced.


FRESH PASTA The fresh pasta is generally made with wheat flour and eggs or hold water, I set before you my view of fresh gluten-free pasta and eggs, not just using it to pasta dishes, but also for appetizers, snacks, pies or as a complement to unique dishes.

PIZZAS AND FOCACCIA  Preparations involving the rising of the dough, some of my pizza dough and buns are made with the technique of “quick bread” does not understand the ingredients yeast. In most cases use gluten-free flours, these flours have not have the ability to form a strong lattice and structured that holds the air during baking, for this very often those who can not take gluten folds of the flour mix prepared that contain xanthan gum and emulsifiers and not only. I prefer to create me of mixtures of flours and organic cereal grains enriching them with flour of legumes or nuts, smoothies or vegetable juices and fresh fruit to characterize each dish.

SALTY CAKES Dishes present in all civilizations, were initially prepared with flour of coarse cereals and pulses and poor water. Today it is mainly used the wheat flour and the majority of the mixtures contains a high percentage of fat. I would like to offer my version of these recipes that provides for the reduction of fat and the use of the flour gluten grains and legumes contextualizing origins.

BREADS and QUICK BREADS Leavened bread made with flour and cereal mix of grains (almost exclusively gluten free), legumes or nuts prepared by me, often replacing the water with smoothies or fruit and vegetable juices and excluding the use of ready mix of flour and xanthan gum.“Quick bread” are sweet and savory, rich in fruits and vegetables spices, products with baking powder for sweets by eliminating the long wait of the leavening, essential for fresh yeast, cooked in a baking mold, avoiding the hard work of dough.

WRAPS In English it means “wraps” wrap. Mine are the layers of vegetables, fresh fruit and fruit oil, inspired raw food, suitable to wrap or garnishes.

SAUCES Very often prepared without cooking, fat, eggs and starch thickeners.

SWEET AND SAVORY SNACKS The moment you feel the need to snack is perhaps one of the most dangerous to our health, almost always at hand are the products made with ingredients not “noble” loaded with fat and sugar. I hope to provide you with my recipes in its class alternative that can tan “the need of something good” with attention to the quality of what we consume.

SWEET CAKES AND PASTRIES Simple recipes combining pleasure with awareness made without refined sugars, trans fat-free, allergen-free and in most cases without gluten.

I cook with organic whole grain products because they respect nature and which preserve their natural taste and natural.

The title of my recipes may suggest the classical but the techniques used differ from traditional ones. Very often the water, milk, or eggs with fresh vegetables and fruit puree, the texture is very soft, like that of a cake, these bodies are almost completely processed in a blender and mixed with a spatula, then even those who did not very familiar with the techniques of food will have no problem in preparing these recipes.


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