Two flours of the same family, similar and different at the same time.


Quinoa is an original South American plant belonging to the same family of spinach and beetroot.

It is almost complete food I mention some of its features, high protein content, mineral salts and lysine (a poor substance in cereals) and low glycemic index.

You can find the quinoa in grains in three colors: white, red and black.

It has a bitter / slightly sweet taste, with terracotta notes of couscous, herbaceous, nuts, and / or sesame.



Only whole wheat flour is on the market, because the grain is so small that it can not be separated, for those who want colored dough there is also black quinoa flour.
Some do not like the particular taste of this flour and “denatured” to fade the herbaceous and bitter taste.

To denature the flour should be heated to 90 ° C for 2 hours.

It is a light enough flour used for pies and biscuits that do not require “elastic” consistency and, combined with eggs (o aquafaba), can give soft and slightly compact doughs.
It increases the moisture of the dough, so it is necessary to reduce some of the liquids.
In the mix of flour it is usually matched with flours of the most delicate taste as sorghum.
In the recipes salted from the best of if coupled with vegetables.
In sweet recipes, its characteristic aroma is perfect with flavored foods such as chocolate, coffee or spices


Canihua is an original South American plant, a relative of quinoa but contains no saponins, its grains are small and hard very similar to anchovy.

It has nutritional and medicinal properties even its stems are a great repellent against mosquitoes. It can be cultivated without the use of herbicides and pesticides even in adverse climatic conditions

It has a hazelnut flavor, more delicate and sweet than quinoa, perfect for sweet or salty recipes.


Its grains are so small that they can use this cereal in our whole dough, after having soaked it for one night or cooked for about 20 minutes.

Even canihua flour exists only in full version.

The flour has the same density of quinoa flour and can be used in the same food, but it has a great advantage its flavor is much more delicate without the need of “denaturation” and it is matched with any kind of sweet or salty recipe.



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