Amaranto flour provides the same energy as whole grains, contains iron, calcium fiber and lipids in a dose significantly greater than full grain.

The apricot bean is too small to separate its bran, it is whole ground and produces only a whole flour.

It has a very complex, slightly sweet taste with earthy notes of corn, herb or spinach, maltose malt, seeds or nuts.


As thickeners it is recommended for:

sauces and creams

compact fillings

prepare a hot chocolate

Like flour:

is perfect for crunchy doughs such as croissants and biscuits

for doughs of fresh pasta, molded doughs and yeast doughs, some prefer to “denature” this flour to fade the characteristic taste and improve its workability in fresh, assembled and yeast doughs.

To denature the amaranth flour, it is placed in the oven at 90 ° C for 3 hours

if you do not denature the flour, be aware that fresh, soft, yeast doughs may be more fragile and absorb very liquid.

When converting a recipe made with wheat flour 00 it is best to mix it with other flours with a lower density. In the “chart of density of flour and starched” you find for each flour the ratio of wheat flour substitution.

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