Its the starchy part of the rice has a very delicate flavor, is easily digestible and creaminess and smoothness to creams and pastes.
Rice starch as a thickener

The consistency which gives as a thickener is very soft for this often is mixed with the corn starch.
Inserted in a recipe with a proportion between 5% and 7% on liquid gives a similar texture to a mayonnaise.
Inserted in a recipe with a proportion between 7% and 12% gives a similar texture to a sweet a pudding.
Because it can deliver its full potential thickener is necessary to mix it with an equal amount of cold water before being mixed with hot liquids. Heat it until the preparation has thickened. Let it rest in the refrigerator to cool completely (which will continue to thicken).
And ‘it recommended for:
light sauces that replace cream and mascarpone
velvety soups
ice cream
dessert spoon

Rice starch in the dough

Like all the starch has a high glycemic index so it should not exceed the proportion of 20% by weight of flour

Rice starch in the kitchen

Even here gives the best of himself as:
creaming butter substitute in the risotto.
soft polenta

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