By shredding the potatoes and the subsequent processing is extracted energy substance of the potato “potato starch”.

It absorbs larger quantities of water than other starches.

Potato starch as a thickener

tolerate prolonged cooking is therefore suitable for oven-cooked creams
can be frozen and thawed
must not be used for creams cooked on the stove tends to make them sticky
Because it can deliver its full potential thickener is necessary to mix it with an equal amount of cold water before being mixed with hot liquids.
easily gels with hot liquid (60 ° C) and does not require boiling to reach the maximum absorption. Precisely because of this gelling properties at low temperatures must not be added to hot liquids because the form of small lumps of raw starch.
And ‘it recommended for:
velvety soups
ice cream.

Potato starch in the dough

Like all the starch has a high glycemic index so it is advisable not to exceed the rate of 20% on the weight of the flour makes the dough soft, elastic and slightly crumbly.
Potato starch in the kitchen
It holds liquids well and is the best choice for fillings that contain ingredients during cooking release their juices.

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