The rice although integral has a delicate taste and a structure that make it the most widely used flour for gluten-free products.


If you decide to produce the flour in the house please remember that the type of rice used to make the flour has a great influence on his later use:

with the long grain rice (like basmati or Thai) is preparing a suitable flour to thicken, perfect for sauces with a velvety texture

with round-grain rice has an aroma is imperceptible flour, as well as for the purpose flour obtained by long, also to achieve grain bakery products (cakes / pastries / biscuits)

with whole rice flour is obtained by the stronger taste, those from long grain have an intriguing earthy taste, those short-grain a creamy nutty taste.


The rice flour can completely replace the flour in most of the mixes, but containing no leavening protein difficult.

In leavened dough needs of small aid to properly increase, these ingredients can be used alternately:

flour of legumes in a percentage of from 25% to 50% of the weight of the rice flour

soy milk that can completely replace the portion of the water used in the dough leavened

eggs that help to incorporate air and to tie.

Other ingredients such as thickeners that replace the role of gluten should always be used in leavened, but there is only xanthan, but also the seeds chia, flax and psyllium used separately or in a mix, here found “how to replace the xanthan”.

In market there are different types of flour:

brown rice, slightly toasted flavor

of white rice with different grinding degrees

of black rice Nerone ground on ancient natural stone millstones, has a much higher content of iron and silicon with respect to d most common rice varieties. It has a very distinctive sweet taste with notes of mushrooms or walnuts

glutinous rice, a variety of Asian rice also called sweet rice, waxy rice, botan rice, mochi rice, pearl rice, do not be fooled by the name does not contain gluten. It can not be used alone because it would create a lot of sticky dough. Its function in the dough is easily stendibili make them more consistent and less dry

heat-treated. This flour has been subjected to a hot air industrial roasting process to modify starch structure and binds much more easily

rice cream. It ‘a very thin rice flour, pre-cooked and very often with added nutrients. It can be used to thicken and compacting veggie burgers, to make lighter the doughs mixing a small part with other flours without gluten heavier.

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