Its the starch extracted from the root of the Maranta, a plant native to the rainforest of Brazil and Guyana.

Its odorless and tasteless, it has a lower glycemic index than other starches and is easily digested.

Arrowroot to thicken

its thickening power is not reduced by the acidic ingredients
tolerate prolonged cooking
can be frozen and thawed because it prevents ice crystal formation
must not be used with dairy products because it becomes slippery
Inserted in a recipe with a proportion between 5% and 7% on liquid gives a similar texture to a mayonnaise.
Inserted in a recipe with a proportion between 7% and 12% gives a similar texture to a sweet a pudding.
Because it can deliver its full potential thickener is necessary to mix it with an equal amount of cold water before being mixed with hot liquids. Warm it by mixing for about 30 seconds. Let it rest in the refrigerator to cool completely (which will continue to thicken).
And ‘it recommended for:
velvety soups
ice cream
dessert spoon

Arrowroot in the dough

Like all the starch has a high glycemic index so it is advisable not to exceed the rate of 20% on the weight of flour.

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