A flour a little forgotten, a few decades ago it was sold by street vendors of sweets and in the pews of the markets and eaten as street food.
It ‘a lot of food rich in iron and calcium and other flour as a sweetish taste allows the reduction of sugar in recipes.

With carob produces 3 types of flour:

of seeds

 from entire pod

from pulp flour

The carob flour in kitchen

The seed flour thickener has a function similar to starches but is less caloric, is used for:

  • limit the formation of ice crystals in the ice cream
  • thicken sauces creams and pumpkins, the dose to be used is 1-2% of the total weight of the ingredients
  • tie in cakes without eggs and milk
  • give more crispness to crumbly dough, the dose to be used can be up to 5-6% of the total weight of the ingredients.

The flour entire pod is more fibrous and is used to:

  • fresh pasta
  • gnocchi

The pulp flour has a cocoa-like flavor and is often used as its substitute in the preparation of sweets, is caffeine-free and extremely sugary.

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